Tech Guy on YouTube

I’ve been trying to change the footers on all my sites, for some time. I managed to put what I wanted on the footer, but I was having problems with having them link where I wanted. This is something that was very easy to me a couple of years ago, but something changed in the code.

Well, I watched this Tech Guy on YouTube. It was so easy to achieve what I wanted after I watched his tutorial.  

I linked his YouTube home site above in green.

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Next Book Projects

I’m working on three projects at the same time. I think it will be easier to do several books at once since they are all fairly far along in the process. Also, I tend to forget how to do something if it’s been a long time since I’ve done it.

I still have the following to do:

Working with cover artist on new design or finalizing a design

Final arrangement of the interior

Ordering proof copies

Getting several editors to review book

When all of the above has been completed, then I will:

Put the books on Amazon and Kindle

The upcoming books are This ‘n’ That Poetry, Meow Poetry and a book on blogging ideas which I haven’t decided on a name for it, yet.



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I just got back from a much-needed vacation.

I visited my sister and her family and then I flew down to John Wayne airport, rented a car and headed for a hotel near Disneyland.

My dear writer and artist friend, CB Taylor (Mousewords) met me there and we spent the next three days enjoying Disneyland, visiting another friend, Jim Leonard, and travelling home via the train.

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Techi Tip – Left & Right Justification on the same line in Word

I found myself stuck in Word. I needed to both left and right justify a Table of Contents (TOC). It’s another story altogether as to why I needed to manually type a TOC.

If I left justified the TOC, then the page numbers were askew. If I right justified the TOC then the chapter titles… You get my problem.

Solution (after Googling):

  • Left justify the whole document.

  • Create a single “right tab” at the position the right margin tab.

  • At the last position prior to the page number, hit tab and insert the number.




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