Menu Bar Update

I’ve been using the Menu Bar I made last April for several months now. It’s extremely helpful and I’ve added another ten sites. Clearly it is such a simple way to have immediate access to websites you frequent. I had to update the legend, but that was easy.

I just look up the site number on the legend, that is in alpha order and then I click on the corresponding number in the menu bar above. Simple.

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Techi Tip: What should you do when you get a new computer?

First things first, protect your computer.

  • Create a second user ID just in case you get locked out from the first one.

  • Set a System Restore Point on your computer so that if something goes wrong, virus, etc. you can restore your computer to a point when it was working correctly. You can set a restore point monthly or whenever you want.

  • Create a Recovery Drive (thumb) to get on your computer if the system restore point doesn’t work.

All of the links are for Window 10 information. If you are not using Window 10, then Google the key words (second user ID, System Restore Point or Recovery Drive) and follow instructions for your system.


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