Flourished Section Breaks

Space between paragraphs in a section break is sometimes accompanied by an asterism (either proper ⁂ or manual * * *), a…or other ornamental symbols. From Wikipedia. See link for additional information.

I’ve always used * * * for section breaks in prose or poetry. Recently, I was trying to find out if you left a blank line before and after the asterism in prose. Asterism was a new usage of the word asterisk to me. While doing research I came across the Wikipedia page and found out how very little I knew about breaks. And, yes it does appear that it is correct to place a blank line before and after the asterism.

My new favorite section break is called a fleuron a stylized forms of flowers or leaves. I have place three of them below.


There’s a Ornamental Dingbats chart, seriously, if you dig deep enough and want to use a different break symbol. Happy section breaking.

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Tales from a Rocky Coast – Volume One

Our book is almost ready for publication. We are editing our second proof and I’m surprised by the edits–the number and the tiny things that people catch. It gets exponentially more complicated when you add a second, third and in this case a fourth writer in one book. 

My hope is that we will only need one more proof and that it will be published in January or February 2018. I’m ready to be done and we still need to move on to marketing. 

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Winning Story

Originally publish in November, 2008.

I got a phone call from Ann Schroeder inviting me to read my Center Coast Writer’s Conference winning story, A Full Circle, at the next SLONightWriters’ meeting. Then I got an email from NightWriters’ president, Susan Tuttle, with the same invitation.

I was thrilled, not as thrilled as winning first place, but very proud just the same. 

There is just one problem—I have speech anxiety. I’m terrified and the meeting is in nineteen minutes. Why did I agree to do this? Are all writers this nervous? I feel sick!

Gotta go and do a great job or embarrass myself.

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