The Friday Night Writers’ Group started in thirteen years ago, approximately. The original founding members were Debra Davis Hinkle and B. Carter Pittman. They had met at Barnes and Noble in San Luis Obispo seventeen years ago. Christine Taylor overheard a meeting and joined the group thirteen years ago. Shirley Radcliff Bruton has been with the group for five or six years. Carla Wingenbach is our newest member at just over a year.

Over time we have become our toughest critics and greatest supporters.

“Nothing says it better than the Girl Scout song,” when describing our relationships, even if we all weren’t Girl Scouts.

Video by girlscoutsgcnwi2010


Past members include Jim Leonard, Destry Ramey, Susan Tuttle and Laurie Woodward, all are great writers and we miss them. Destry Ramey passed away March 30, 2020 and Susan Tuttle passed away June 8, 2021.


Our original website was called Kritique Kritics for about ten years and we don’t wish to delete it altogether so we have merged it with the Friday Night Writers’ Group name.