Marketing Company

When is it time to find a marketing company for yourself and your books? I don’t know, but I think I might be there.

I have a BS in Business with emphasis in Information Systems so I think I have a better than average social media presence. I have websites, Facebook sites, YouTube accounts, a twitter account and…

However, maybe I’m not doing the right thing or enough of the right thing. Regardless, I’m tired of guessing.

Now where do I go?

I’m going to start by reading some articles on marketing authors. Here’s some of the first articles I’m going to read:

Then, I’m going to check in with SCORE (Business Mentors) San Luis Obispo.

If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment.

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Menu Bar

Have you ever want to be able to go automatically to your most used sites? Are you tired of having to type them in every time?

Yes and yes. I programed my menu bar to go to 38 sites easily. I used an old-school system of alphabetizing my sites and then giving them a numeric designation. I did it all under Chrome/Bookmarks/Edit. It was easy.

Here’s how it looks finished with the alphabetic legend taped to the computer (only half of it is showing) and the numeric menu bar below (showing 1 -16).

I’m not as good with a camera as I am with a computer. Sorry the photo isn’t better.

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