Goodbye, for now

“Stop it, or I’ll start crying,” Susan said.

“But I want you to know how much I love the blanket you gave me,” I said.

I shared my love of her blanket just months before Susan Tuttle’s passing. She had a habit of giving me small presents, usually cat themed. My favorite is a leopard printed throw in unusual and bright colors. I curl up under that blanket most every time I sit in my lounge chair.

Susan and I enjoyed a great love of cats. Her last cat was an imaginary girl named PITA (pain in the ass), and I have six food-to-poop converters. I bet PITA didn’t throw up hairballs daily. I wonder if I could get an imaginary cat or cats.

❧ ❧  ❧ 

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Tales from a Rocky Coast – Volume One

Our book is almost ready for publication. We are editing our second proof and I’m surprised by the edits–the number and the tiny things that people catch. It gets exponentially more complicated when you add a second, third and in this case a fourth writer in one book. 

My hope is that we will only need one more proof and that it will be published in January or February 2018. I’m ready to be done and we still need to move on to marketing. 

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